Opium of Helmand

Afghan Voices
Dec 7, 2021

by Muzhgan Saghar
Translated by Asadullah Jafari “Pezhman”

Photo by Muzhgan Saghar

Who said, if your lips flower, the flower is sugar?

The lips that carry the juice of Helmand’s opium

Where is your home beautiful dawn?

How eager my heart is to see you

An anecdote that went from your eyes to the hearts

It is the talisman’s letter that was written in Balkh

No one will appear in my heart instead of you…do not say

Neither your competence nor the power of God

You know the woman who loves you is in prison

Her whole life is that glorious smile

Swear to pain that is hidden from you on her chest

She always keeps her promise to you!



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