Our Hope is Removed

Afghan Voices
2 min readJul 4, 2022

By Zaki

When I am free from work, I think about the liberty of past time. I remember the best days of the past. I never forget how our people were happy and hopeful for their future.

I am an English instructor at an English center named Super Star Educational Center in the west of Kabul. I am an eyewitness to the misfortune, hopelessness, starvation, poverty, worries, misery, and sadness in Kabul city and more importantly, in the neighborhood of Dasht-e- Barchi.

I live in a rented small house in Dasht-e- Barchi. We are not safe here like in past times. We can’t talk freely like we were doing previously. We are not able to talk about the negative points of the current government. We are not allowed to dress freely. We are deprived of holding a joyful party. We cannot listen to a song freely. We are just like a bird in its cage. The freedom of speech has gone. The liberty of singing has gone.

It has been two weeks since my baby brother was arrested by the Taliban and he was taken to the Poli Charkhi prison. He is not allowed to call us, but we have heard from one of his friends that he is suffering from a very harsh situation in prison. My mother is just crying. His crime is not known as his friend said they were walking on the street when suddenly a group of Emirate soldiers came to them and arrested them when they had committed no crime. I just pray that the Taliban will release him from prison. There is no way to rescue him.

We cannot even post anything on Facebook to be shared with our friends.
Nowadays, I can honestly say that the Hazara nation is being limited day by day and their liberty is being taken. Taliban have started genocide in Afghanistan. Balkhab is a district of Sar-e Pol province. It has been many days that Taliban are attacking innocent people in Balkhab. They have killed a lot of innocents who were working on their fields. The Taliban was not sympathetic to children or shepherds. Now, Balkhab is burning in a terrible fire. Nobody can stop it.

I hope this situation is over soon.



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