An Essay by Freshta A.

Artwork by the author

Peace is the need of the day. It is a holy word that means “safe and secure.” When there is peace, people have a comfortable life. If we had peace we would have positive changes and advantages such as: happiness, good facilities, more time to study and jobs. We are in need of peace and security. We love peace, so much and without it, life is impossible for all. The people are so worried all the time about everything — including their social life. When there is war, the people are disappointed, disgusted, sad, unemployed, defenseless, diffident — they lose all self-confidence. War prevents them from getting an education and learning and they cannot be promoted in their jobs unless they have that. Like the one flower that brings spring, peace is the one thing we need to bring change.

The dove of peace represents safety, comfort and freedom. It also stands for social justice. The scale of justice is equal for all humans. When children draw the dove they feel more free. They want to work for more social justice in their world. When there is peace, children are better able to concentrate and to be with their friends. Without justice and peace, getting an education is impossible. Without justice our rights are trampled. Always respect the law and be aware of justice.

Writing by Afghan writers. Editor/Publisher: Nancy Antle; Editor: Pamela Hart