Peace is a Dream

Afghan Voices
2 min readFeb 8, 2019


A poem by Gulchaman

Peace is a dream in Afghanistan
War is a nightmare
No one is comfortable

Parents lose children through war
They are in tears through war
Peace is a dream in Afghanistan

Facebook posts show daily attacks
Television news show the dead and the injured
People are tired of the killing

If peace comes to Afghanistan
I would visit my hometown Jaghori
Where I’ve not been since I was young
My heart melts when I see pictures of its beauty
I want to walk under the trees in Jaghori
Run and play with my kids
Go hiking in the mountains of Jaghori with my friends
Peace is a dream in Afghanistan

If this dream comes true
I want to meet my uncles and aunts whom I’ve not seen in years
I’d travel to northern provinces like Badakhshan, Panjshir
Or to Bamyan where I’d bicycle with my friends
I would ride a mountain bike in the clean air
Free in the warm clean weather of Bamyan
with family and friends
The sun on my face like a smile
not anxious in the smoky pollution of Kabul

In reality, still everywhere is fear
Peace is a dream in Afghanistan
If it comes true, parents could send children
to school without fear
Women would not be widowed
Children would not be orphaned
Nightmares would be removed
Afghans would have wonderful sleep
Smiles and laughter on their faces instead of tears
Our ears will hear birds singing
not the harsh sound of explosions

Peace is a dream in Afghanistan
I remember the ceasefire during Eid in June
So brief but delightful
Imagine those times for always
Afghanistan would be paradise for Afghans

Peace is a dream in Afghanistan
It could bring tranquility
and development instead of war
Pens at school would be more plentiful
than guns in the streets
There would be more schools
And more children going to school
Fewer deaths and no more innocent people wounded
Children could watch the stars in the night sky
not fearing for their lives
Afghanistan would be more beautiful
Peace is my dream…



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