Afghan Voices
1 min readFeb 23, 2022

By Anonymous

my destiny is like a story
Like the movies
But there is no ending

Like a nightmare that you relate to people
but no one can understand
because they didn’t see it

I get up from a nightmare
and see that life is worse than that nightmare

I had a tiny house filled with love
my parents, family, and friends near me

I had a job, living a normal life,
everyday smiling at my loved ones

Suddenly one day like a tragic movie
Everything was changed

We were not safe anymore
We didn’t have freedom and basic rights
We left our homeland

Forget about friends and relatives
Everyone in my family is somewhere else
I am here, my parents thousands of miles away
My brothers and sisters even farther

We were forced to leave each other to be safe
How many years will pass before I can see them?
Politics?! No feelings?!
I miss my family

I cannot have a paper called a visa
So I can see my mom,
put my head on her shoulder,
Say how I feel alone,
How much I miss my home!!



Afghan Voices

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