Rohingya and A Poet

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3 min readSep 28, 2017


Two poems by Anonymous

Rohingya refugess in Bangladesh


How do we stop the crying of the children?
How can those who killed the
mothers smile?
I don’t know how they can be so wild

I hear Muslims are terrorists
But how can a terrorist
be killed by a terrorist?
Stop it. Stop it. Stop.

Terrorists are not Muslims
Terrorists are not Buddhists
Terrorist are not Christians
Neither Jews, nor Hindus

Terrorists do not have any religion
Terrorists only have a mission
To kill humanity
To kill dignity

Rohingya all the world is with you
Muslims, Christians, Jews and Hindus
We will be praying for you
All my words for you are true

I don’t want to cry

I don’t want to cry
But the tears are coming out
I don’t want to be sad
But the world does not acknowledge you

I am crying , I am sad
There is no reason to be glad
I don’t want to be mad
But the world does not acknowledge you

Every day you hear about war
Is there anything to be glad for?
Humanity died when humans changed
Trust, value, dignity, is killed by brutal humans

I am thinking how to have
a world full of peace and dignity
but can we have it now when
we are invited to the funeral of humanity?

*Editor’s Note: “The Rohingya are often described as “the world’s most persecuted minority.” Aljazeera

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A Poet

I hoped if I was a poet
I could try to show it
I could write in my poetry
The pain of a broken tree

Today no one is thinking
Except for themselves
Who knows how it feels
When a human is killed?

It is only a drama show
After five minutes we forget
I am ready to bet
That no one has regret

Regret for killing someone
Regret for not helping
I hoped that if I was a poet
In a poem, I could show it

From me to the world
This is the date in time when
some killed dignity,
the date when
there is no more love

From me to the world
If humanity is still existing
If love is still insisting
To make a new world

I will make a new home
In my little heart where
Everyone can be there
It is my new world

When you close your eyes
And think about this small world
Then you realize, you have to love
Everyone in the world

You have to see good in
Every little thing
Even when the situation is bad
Think about the ones who love you

From me, to the world
Let’s practice love once more
Let’s forgive once more
Let’s start a new life once more
Then we will see the change

In this small letter
I confess my feeling of love
To each of you,
Waiting for a smile on the lips of you

The conclusion will be when I see
Everyone wants to love
Everyone wants to forgive
Everyone is trying for humanity

You can send me your replies
On your prayers,
My warm regard is
Much love to you!



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