Security: Our Prime Need in Afghanistan

Afghan Voices
2 min readFeb 22, 2019

A poem by Mohammad Zaki Zaki

The prime necessity of society
The last reverie of wounded warriors
The refrain of citizens disabled by war
The title of our poem and discussion
Security, which brings safety

The abysmal sound of bombs blasting destroys our sleep
The plaint of distressed mothers is insufferable
The piercing sound of orphans is horrible
The funeral of young soldiers is intolerable
The bloody coffin of our wounded army is painful
We’ve lost security

The people look optimistic for agreement in Qatar
They impatiently expect…….
To eliminate the name of terror and violence
To eliminate massacre and slaughter
To determine the development of our homeland

We miss affability
We’ve lost egalitarianism
We yearn for literacy
We want to be safe

Men, women, young and elders
Hoping to fly the dove of peace in the gloomy sky of Afghanistan
Anticipate enjoying the beauty of peace

Men need tranquility to get educated
Women want peace not to be stoned anymore
Adolescents need peace to make their future stunning
All need unity to live together

Mothers will smile with this good news for their descendants
Fathers smile to see happiness in their kids’ faces
Youths dream not to hear just the motto of peace
A holy phenomenon is missed in our motherland

Without unity and security
There is no country
No city to live
No safety
No profession
No place to work together
No blame to be wrong

When the motto of peace speaks up
Children begin to dance
People commence to smile
The country starts to reconstruct

When peace exists
A rich man can help the poor
A teacher can teach students
A breadwinner can work safely
A woman can walk freely
A bird can fly strikingly

Why does peace seem impossible in our homeland?
Why can’t we feel its perception?
Why is the hiding place of some terrorist groups Afghanistan?
The answers appear unknown

But when folks speak about peace
In surprise
My heart starts to beat
My eyes begin to tear
My lips commence to smile
My body starts to tremble
The desire for security
Residing powerfully in my dreams



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