Sing Sarkhosh

Afghan Voices
Dec 14, 2021


By Mohammad Essa Anwari
Translated by Asadullah Jafari “Pezhman”

Daood Sarkhosh, a popular Hazaragi singer from Afghanistan

Sing so that the silent season is full of nightingales, Sarkhosh

Your songs are a gift to Kabul, Sarkhosh

Hit the nail on the Dambura string to break my hatred

Tears from my eyes are a bridge to you, Sarkhosh

Sing the songs of the land and my Pamir shoulders

That your Badakhshan lap will be full of hyacinth, Sarkhosh

Your throat is full of hatred, your air is full of heartrending

Shout your voice so that it is the salve of Zabul, Sarkhosh

The air of Bamyan is silent, cold and silent without you

Sing the song of Bamyan so that it is full of flowers, Sarkhosh!



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