Sorrow of Kabul

Afghan Voices
Dec 4, 2021

by AllahYar Amiri
Translated by Asadullah Jafari “Pezhman”

Dasht-e Barchi, Kabul, Afghanistan. Photo by AllahYar Amiri

Oh, Kabul! How long must I watch you burn?

I wish you the air of peace and reconciliation

Oh, Kabul! How long will you burn and change to ashes?

Amid smoke and fire, you get worse every day

Dasht-e Barchi, your hills are no longer a place for me

Enough that the oppressor kills at any moment in this homeland

Oh, homeland! You were in ruins with the force of guns

Although I wanted to make you better with a pen

Oh, homeland! The younger generation leaves you day by day

No one can be found to understand you at last

I cried for you tonight, but for what benefit?

How long must I watch you in the fire of the pig and nimrod?



Afghan Voices

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