Talk About Tehran, Samarqand and Sar-e-Pol

Afghan Voices
Dec 20, 2021


By Najeeb Barwar
Translated by Asadullah Jafari “Pezhman”

Kabul, Afghanistan

Wherever they cross the border, you make the bridge

Talk about Tehran, Samarqand and Sar-e pol

Laugh at anyone who talks about war

Speak toward them from the tolerance window

Say no to political idols. No! No!

Bloom on the grave of divisions.

A handful of Bukhara soil and mud from Neishabour

Bring together the ruins of Kabul

Dear Pamir caged girls

flower of Khorasan’s garden, curl on the crests

Bring a goblet from Balkh and wine from Shiraz

Lyricism is the drunkenness of both worlds

Wherever they cross the border

You make two bridges



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