Talk About Tehran, Samarqand and Sar-e-Pol

By Najeeb Barwar
Translated by Asadullah Jafari “Pezhman”

Kabul, Afghanistan

Wherever they cross the border, you make the bridge

Talk about Tehran, Samarqand and Sar-e pol

Laugh at anyone who talks about war

Speak toward them from the tolerance window

Say no to political idols. No! No!

Bloom on the grave of divisions.

A handful of Bukhara soil and mud from Neishabour

Bring together the ruins of Kabul

Dear Pamir caged girls

flower of Khorasan’s garden, curl on the crests

Bring a goblet from Balkh and wine from Shiraz

Lyricism is the drunkenness of both worlds

Wherever they cross the border

You make two bridges