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2 min readDec 12, 2019

A poem by Mohammad Zaki Zaki

The author’s beloved teacher, Aziz Ahmad Panjshiri, murdered by the Taliban 11/6/19

Dear teacher
I hope to keep you safe from life’s ups and downs
I wish you to have glowing health forever
That you’ll be contented for always
I pray for you to live endlessly

Teacher, you help shape your student’s future
Create the infrastructure of life
You bring smiles to our faces
You work with me indefatigably

Dear Teacher, you guide your students
Showing us the ways of humanity
Teacher who paves the way to keep going forward
Teacher who touches our hearts to feel tranquil

Dear Teacher, I thank you
With grateful love and faith
With soft heart like a mirror
With pure emotion without flattery
With real affection from the deepness of my heart

I was nothing as a kid
I was no one when I was small
No thoughts about my life

When I started school
Life pushed me back but you did not let it
Ignorance stopped me from trying but you did not let it

Thank you Teacher for supporting me like a parent
For collaborating with me like a parent
For understanding me in harsh moments
For rescuing me from the threats of life

You made me strong forever
You took my hands
You pushed me onward to improve
You called me smart to bring pride

I will be proud of everything you said
I cherish your tireless work
With your help and inspiration
With your motivation and inspiration
With your punctuality
I want to alter the world

Everyday your smiling face makes me energetic
Sharing your thoughts can warn me to fight
To fight against prohibitions of life
Prohibitions that try to prevent me from changing
But when you smile
The world looks cheerful and gleaming

How can I compensate?
Your endeavor
Your sleepless nights
Your patience
Your enthusiasm and love

When God created teacher
Nature changed its color
Life found sense
Our brains started to be fresh

Dear Teacher, with your help
I can fly an airplane across the enormous sky
I can sail a boat on the wide, unlimited ocean
I will travel to planets and stars
I will treat people with patience
I can move the earth
I can always learn thanks to you
Dear Teacher
I can hold world in my hands



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