A poem by Mohammad Zaki Zaki

Thanks for creating me from nothing
Thanks for growing me up
Thanks for keeping me alive
Thanks for looking after me
Thanks for showing me the way
Thanks for assisting me with life
Thanks for being my companion forever

You have guided me along the way
You have taught me hope
You have understood me better than others
You have pushed me forward
You have made me strong
You have named me human

As the best human being
As the leader of your creatures
As guidance for others
As well-known face
As the symbol of change
As a social creature
Thanks for your inspiration God

Dear God!
If you wouldn’t help me
How would I find my way?
How would I take responsibility for my life?
How would I start living?
How would I have hope?
How would I run my life?

Life means hope
Life means struggle
Life means perseverance
Life means wrangling with enemies
Life means fighting against ignorance
Life means being kind and optimistic
Life means being happy and positive
Life means being hopeful about the future
Life means removing obstacles

So try to love one another
Try to change your own life
If your ability is strong enough
God will never forget you

Put effort into living friendly
Put effort to making comrades
Make an effort to compete with your mistakes
Get ready to recognize your rivals
Make efforts to be sympathetic
Put up with hardships and privation
Never get afraid of being dreary

God will appreciate you hopefully
God doesn’t want you to be sad
God doesn’t want you to fail
God will be your close friend all the time
God will take care of you forever
So never forget Allah
Pray for him honestly

About the Author: Mohammad Zaki Zaki graduated from Kabul University’s geoscience department in 2016. He is also a Star alumni. Currently, he is a teacher at Star Educational Society (D branch) and Katib High School.

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