The Beauty of Winter in Bamyan

A Poem by Sharifa Ahmadi

Photo by Ziauddin Refah

I was deeply asleep when my phone rang
Opened my eyes and moved toward windows
Shifted the curtains to one side of the wall

Looked through the beautiful window of my room
The ground was white, it wore color of peace
Sky was blue, the weather was very cool

But no birds were singing, no leaves danced on trees
Early morning winter in Bamyan
As men climbed to the rooftops and swept away the snow

Children gathered on streets to make snowballs
To throw at each other
Snow causing them to gather, play and laugh

We all love winter especially the snow
Because winter brings us together
Sharing one blanket on our feet

Winter nudges us close to one stove
To tell stories and jokes, to smile together
Happiness in our hearts from the beauty of winter

About the Author: Sharifa Ahmadi is from Bamyan, Afghanistan and has worked as a teacher for Jesuit Refugee Services. She recently graduated with her MS in Mathematics from a university in India. She wants to raise her voice through her writing on behalf of women who live in many difficult places.

Writing by Afghan writers. Editor/Publisher: Nancy Antle; Editor: Pamela Hart

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