The Day Afghanistan is Safe

Afghan Voices
1 min readDec 19, 2019

A poem by Anonymous

The day Afghanistan is safe
And there is no bomb blast
The day Kabul is joy’s base
And people forgot the past

I will buy a guitar
I will go to the street and sing
to forget decades of war
I will fly with my wings

The day Afghanistan is safe
And there in no fear
Everywhere will be full of nice cafés
With people talking about love and cheer

I will buy a dress made of flowers;
run to the street and dance
I will see a woman full of power
I will laugh loudly and not lose the chance

The day Afghanistan is safe
And the Taliban stops the war
Girls will go to school with grace
And achieving dreams will not be far

I will buy a bouquet of red roses
To show my happiness and hope
The day Kabul is the capital of growth
I will shout my dreams to the globe



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