The Dream Which Did Not Come True

Afghan Voices
3 min readSep 7, 2021

By Anonymous

A street in Kabul

I am living in of the cities of Afghanistan. A few months ago, I got married. My husband and I together built a house and bought new furniture’s for us to live happily.

We did not expect such a sudden change in Afghanistan. I and my husband escaped to Kabul and could only take our documents with us. We are now stuck in Kabul and cannot go back. I had a dream to live peacefully in my city, work and enjoy with my family but all is ruined.

I heard in my city Taliban robbed houses and vehicles.

I left my dreams, my future, my home, and my everything in my city for an unknown future. I do not know what will happen to us.

As a woman will I be allowed by Taliban to continue to work? Will I have the right to choose my dress code? Will I be allowed to go to a restaurant with my friends, laugh and enjoy?

Will my husband, my father and brother be safe under Taliban rule? Will my small sister be safe or will she be forced to marry Taliban and leave school?

What will happen to my country? What will happen to my people?

I am in such a terrible shock that I cannot write properly today. This has been almost a month that we are under Taliban rule. There is no explosion, there is no war. Places look safe but there is no internal peace, we are sick mentally.

I hear from people that Taliban are searching houses for government employees. They killed many Hazaras after saying they forgive all. They have beaten women in the streets of Kabul and other cities. They have beaten men and started violating them but on social media they announce they will not hurt people. They killed a woman who was pregnant because she worked for the government, they killed 45 soldiers in Badakhshan.

How can I trust Taliban?

Hiding in a home in Kabul, I am thinking about the little garden I had in my home. Are the plants still green? Are there any flowers there?

What happened to the kitchen and the dishes which I never used? What happened to the guest room which I made for the guests who never came?

What happened to my dreams? How long will I hide here? Eighteen years of studies are useless now. I can’t work, I can’t go out. I do not know what my future is.

I wrote to many embassies and asked for evacuation, but they rejected me because I did not work for them. Since I did not work for the organizations under the direct foundation of countries I cannot seek asylum. But the truth is my life is in danger. Everyone’s lives are in danger, but we should stay here and die because we did not work for foreign governments.

I am in a such a bad mental state that I cannot sleep. I cannot eat. I can’t even write.



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