The Existence of God

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2 min readJan 23, 2019


An essay by Ali A.

The blue mosque in Herat, Afghanistan

The belief in the existence of God is everywhere in all religions and cultures. Most people on earth believe, but what about those who don’t?

According to one theory, believing in God gives people hope — in other words it gives people something to rely on. People who don’t believe in God are easily defeated by difficulties in their life. So to this point, we know believing is a powerful tool that helps people maintain a positive, hopeful attitude and not give up.

The word God is spoken by everyone from presidents and scientists to athletes, workers, beggars, thieves, and criminals. Every person has their own reason for believing or not and some believe without reasons.

If you want to find the answer to the question of the existence of God, then I have to say don’t search too much, because the answer is simple. In one word we can say that God exists and there are no reasons that say otherwise.

I believe that the complexity of the world is proof of God — the way the world began, the structure of atoms and how they combine to make everything. All the wonders and rules of nature make me believe that the source of such things is God himself.

If you put the pieces of a watch inside a bottle and shake it forever, will it finally become a watch again? Of course not. That is why I believe that God is responsible for the big bang and all of life on earth, and the evolution of humans who have become more intelligent over time. He is responsible for the sun and the planets, the fixed distance between the sun and the earth, the earth’s atmosphere with the right combination of gases, the 92 elements gathered together on our planet, the extinction of the dinosaurs, the right moon, that creates the tides in the oceans and everything else. None of this happened by chance.

Now if you believe me, if you believe in God, I have a good advice for you.

It does not matter what religion you or others have just take the one from your parents and ancestors. No one should be judged by their religion, all of them are the same; they all say God is good, hurting others is bad…. But always remember to be respectful, honest, behave well with your society, help the needy, and defend the weak.



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