An Essay by Marzia Amiri

The author (second from left) on a recent visit to Kabul University

Life is a wonderful gift and every day can be a new beginning to make up for whatever bad things have happened in the past. Many people are too busy to notice how good life is and therefore, are not giving thanks for their lives and even go so far as to say that life has no value.

I believe that nothing has more value than life. But, like a football game there are rules and provisions and we are all athletes in the game of life. We are compelled to compete and as players our goal is to have a good life. We must always strive for success and expand our ideas and constantly work towards this so we can make a good life for ourselves and our associates.

In life it is not important on what level we are, or where we were in the past. What is important is that we try our best at whatever level we are on. Never live in the past. If you busy yourself with thinking about the past you will not be working on now — and you might lose in the game of life.

In life it is important to have a challenge, otherwise, life is meaningless. Your biggest challenges are to stay active, try hard, and keep yourself motivated and moving forward.

About the Author: Marzia Amiri is a top student at school and will be starting 12th grade soon. She studies English at the Star Educational Society.

Writing by Afghan writers. Editor/Publisher: Nancy Antle; Editor: Pamela Hart

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