The Miracle, The Woman

Afghan Voices
3 min readNov 12, 2021

by Ayesha B.

When she was born into this world, she cried
She learned the sour truth of life
At age 7, she cared for her small brother
Learning how to be a mother
As a teenager, she was forced to quit school
So her brother could complete his education
She learned to make sacrifices

At 16, she was beaten by her brother because she protected her small sisters
She learned courage by keeping her sisters safe
When she was 17, she was sexually harassed by people outside
She learned to keep quiet for her family and her own reputation

At 19 she was engaged to a man 10 years older
She learned to respect her family´s decision
When her husband wanted her hair to be darker
her in-laws demanded she change the color
She learned about patriarchal society

When her future home was decorated without her participation
She learned that she had no role with her future in-laws
Then she married at age 20
She learned to obey her husband
When she had her first sexual relations with her husband
She cried in pain though her husband was happy
She learned that rape is not rape when the rapist is the husband
When she was beaten by her husband on the first day of married life
She learned to hide her desires, to kill her inner personality
And she became her husband’s ideal wife

When she was pregnant and not ready to be a mother,
she was forced to keep the baby
And learned why her mom cried when her sisters were born
When she gave birth to her own daughter
She learned the pain of loneliness
When her sister-in-law gave her daughter a name against her wish
She learned this is the only a legal way to carry her generation

When the in-laws insulted her family for no reason, when she was beaten
By her husband many times, she always remained silent
She knew she was breaking into pieces
She learned to keep silent to protect her daughter
When she gave birth to her second girl
She learned to feel guilty for not giving birth to a boy
When her in-laws decided how many children she should have
That these should be boys for good reputations
She learned again that girls have no voice in life

When her husband ignored the kids and herself
She learned to give the love of a mother and father
When she gave birth to a baby boy
She learned her husband’s love for the only time with his kiss on her forehead
When the children hid in her arms
because of their father´s scary shout
She learned how to stand up for these children

Who is she?
A young Afghan mother
Sacrificing her happiness and life for her children and their future
She’s a miracle, always loving her family
Forgiving everyone without apologies
She will never take revenge

She prays for good things for her family
Heals their wounds with her own wounded and beaten hands
She keeps everyone happy while crying inside night and day
She takes care of her home, though no one takes care of her

Who is this miraculous woman?
She is someone’s mother, wife, and sister
She is a brave Afghan woman
She will never give up on her kids, her life, her family
Yes, she is a miracle, a blessing from God to the world



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