The Natural Beauty of Bamiyan, Afghanistan

An Essay by Abdul S.

Yakawalang is one of the eight districts of Bamiyan province. It is located in western Bamiyan. In this district there are many nice places for visiting and sightseeing.

There is an area called Sar-e-Qull that is made up of many villages. Joshanak is one of those villages. There is a beautiful turquoise colored lake, nearby, in a valley in the Ba Ba Mountains. This lake would be a wonderful place for tourists and visitors. Not many people have been to see it yet. Afghans believe that the lake is a spiritual place and if someone is sick they should get into the lake and they will be healed.

Ajdar Mountain is also in Bamiyan in Adjar valley. It is a beautiful rocky, red mountain.

My purpose in writing this essay is to show the world’s people the beauty we have in Bamiyan and encourage visitors to come and see these little-known places — especially those visitors who want to hike and pitch a tent.

I hope that one day all tourists and visitors to Afghanistan will come to Bamiyan and the Yakawalang valley. And I wish that one day all people will know about Bamiyan — it’s natural beauty and nice places.

Writing by Afghan writers. Editor/Publisher: Nancy Antle; Editor: Pamela Hart