The Place Inside Someone’s Heart

Afghan Voices
1 min readApr 25, 2019

A poem by Two Anonymous Afghans

What a nice place it is to be in someone’s heart
Where you are placed only because of you
You become that someone’s part

What a nice feeling to be there
As if it is the sea
And you the fairytale

The owner of this place is a person
Who is hospitable

And sometimes he writes you poems
Sometimes he recites poems
And each word describes

You better than you do yourself
Reading each poem caresses your soul
Reckless of its own sadness when you are sad

It is the one mere place that brings a smile
To your lips and keeps you glad
You are flowing through its veins like blood

Nothing can stop your strong flood
You are welcomed in this place
You are hosted, appreciated, boasted

There’s no city as lovely as someone’s heart
You’re never bored or tired
Because of what you don’t like

You don’t get punished
Hatred is vanished
Instead you get life lessons

You receive beautiful red flowers
Words of love from your lover
What a place is this space inside someone’s heart



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