The Question

Afghan Voices
Dec 2, 2019


A poem by Nematullah A.

Cluster bombs in Afghanistan

There is a question
Don’t worry I want no answer
A minute I ask you to think
About it but think not answer
This question has no answer
An answer that you have not
An answer that you will not
If you don’t trust me
Ask others this question
The question seeks no answer
How can there be an answer
When a question is not asked
We must ask the question more
Yet answer once and only once
This question is not easy to ask
As there is no answer
A question without answer
Has always been difficult
I urge answer not
This question seeks thought
The question should lead
Lead to think
Think to lead life
Life that belongs to all
The question is
Can we be like animals?
Not hurt our species?
Those may teach us how to be humans



Afghan Voices

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