An Essay by Mahdi A.

What a painful fact, which hurts a single thought. What a damn society where hope dies without any movement. What a strange people, who think of nothing more than corruption, injustice, violence… even you will find no more words to describe it.

In a society where you cannot study with a calm mind, you cannot go to school without being afraid of not coming back home alive. In a society where people are not able to leave their homes with peace, people face the dilemma of continuing to go to work and centers or staying home where it is safer. Everything leads to fear, the fear of dying due to terrorism attacks, bomb explosions, robberies, and hunger. In the desert, evil rules the land with the fear they have fed to the people, making them suffer with all they have.

I can still see little hearts breaking for the thirst of freedom, justice, security, and education with the big hopes they carry in their hearts. I can still see people watering the flowers of hope with the tears and drops of their perspiration for a better future. The sun shines with its positive light to let the flowers of hope rise to the sky and fill the atmosphere with a better smell. The smell of freedom which was vanished with the dark clouds of 30 years of adversity, and homelessness. I can see little hands carrying the biggest hopes. I can see hopeless hearts persuading, and watering the little plants to grow up and fill the ruined places, changing them to green gardens, where the gardeners will always look after the little plants to grow bigger and bigger, and feed the nightingales so that they start singing of freedom, justice, and peace… I can see the little plants trying hard to transform the darkest sides of the land. I can hear nightingales murmuring the melody of a better future.

Although touching our dreams will be hard, we will need hard work, sleeplessness, suffering, and pain to make them come true, but If we keep moving forward, and never give up on the hopes we have, remain positive, we will overcome everything and that is the time when we will touch the sky.

Writing by Afghan writers. Editor/Publisher: Nancy Antle; Editor: Pamela Hart

Writing by Afghan writers. Editor/Publisher: Nancy Antle; Editor: Pamela Hart