The Situation of Women in Afghanistan

by Marzia

In Afghanistan when a girl is young she cannot do the work she would like to do. She is told by society what work is good and what work is bad.

Women are expected to obey what their parents say and what the society expects and when they are older they cannot go against these demands. They are told to behave certain ways so that people don’t say bad things about them. Women are told not to laugh aloud and told not to go outside too much or people will say bad things about them.

In fact, these bad words and this destructive culture is what deprives girls of courage. Society doesn’t let women become responsible for themselves because they are too afraid of people looking at them in a bad light and bringing dishonor to the family. They submit to what the society wants.

When a girl cannot express what she wants, it has a bad effect on her personality. Women constitute half of society. Women must be given the right to decide how to live their lives. If they are allowed to develop in their own way they can have an important role in society.

In my opinion, one of the reasons for the backwardness of our society is that we care less for women than men. So we must work harder to become who we want to be in the future and contribute to society.

About the Author: Marzia is a top student at school and will be starting 11th grade soon. She studies English at the Star Educational Society.

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