The Situation of Women in Afghanistan

By Himat

If we compare the situation of women in Afghanistan with other countries we know women are in a very bad situation in Afghanistan. The previous government was good for women in that girls could go to school and women could work outside the home as well as in government positions. But now the current government does not allow girls to study. Nor can women work outside their homes. I think this is wrong because women should have equal rights with men in their work and lives.

Thus, women are in a bad situation in Afghanistan. Our government should give women their rights as well as respecting women.

I think it’s very bad for our society and causes our country to remain backward. I don’t understand why the Taliban won’t allow women to study and attend school. No one seems able to answer this question. I think society needs knowledgeable and educated women. Of course, a society without women is impossible. Our country cannot improve and will become backward without educated women.

So the Taliban must let women study. Also, men and women should work together so their rights can be equal. Everyone should try to improve our country.

As an Afghan boy I really want to improve my country. This country is for men and women. We cannot ignore women who make up half of our society. This wrong rule can be very harsh for everyone to tolerate. So I request that other countries as well as all who support womens’ right to help us in this bad situation.



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