Three Poems

Afghan Voices
2 min readNov 9, 2018

by Nematullah A.

Doves released for International Peace Day

Us and Them

There is me
There is you
They are there, too
They seek the right path
We walk the right path
Our smile is strong
Their rifles are not
They fight and fight
Yet we listen, understand
Trust and support each other
They fly drones
They throw bombs
We fly kites
We grow love
We try to live peace
We are fewer in numbers
but we’re together
They are a crowd
making noise
We raise our voice
We break the silence
We make our presence our resistance
They call us mad for what we do
Yes, we are, let us be
But not the way they are
They make the borders
and invade cities
We break their borders
We can open all borders with love
As in love there is no border

The Drone and the Butterfly

My word is not falling like a bullet
It does not tear like a sword
My word is falling like rain
It heals the body and brain
My word is not flying like a drone
It does not kill decent or sinful
My word is soaring like a butterfly
It is flying again and again and again
My word connects the dots
It comes from hearts
My word chases the light
In the middle of nowhere
It sings like a bird
My word heals
It is simple and frugal
My word is a smile
Seen on a child’s face
Comes from a mother’s mouth
My word is not a dirty smokestack
It is like the sky; blue
My word is like a cloud
Fleecy and fluffy looking
My word is like a song
Sung by many
Understood by some
Practiced by few
Felt by all
My word is nothing at all
It is peace after-all

We are Not Tired!

We build love
And build happiness,
spread them and grow them
We work and work
Build relationships
Until to understand we are related
We build peace
When it is shattered
Love is its piece
We work not to be hired
We work as a team
So we are not tired
We build trust and unity
To make one family
As a clan we have responsibility
to make everyone happy



Afghan Voices

Writing by Afghan writers. Editor/Publisher: Nancy Antle; Editor: Pamela Hart