Two Things I Always Carry

An essay by Hakima

Whenever I go somewhere and whatever I do there are two things that I always carry with me. One is a physical object and one is in my mind. I carry my notebook and my thoughts. Carrying these two things are always very helpful. If I have a new idea to write or speak about I can write it down in my notebook. If a question comes to my mind when I’m listening to a teacher or friend I can write it in my notebook and ask about it the next time I see that person. Also, spending time thinking about something can be helpful in talking about it the next time. My thoughts keep me entertained if I get stuck in a traffic jam or if I arrive early to a place. Carrying a book with me is also a very beneficial thing because I don’t have that much time to study them carefully or review them.

The other thing that I carry with me all the time, everywhere, is my thoughts. No matter where I go or what I do my thoughts are always with me. Carrying my thoughts with me is easy since they do not take up space. Carrying my thoughts with me allows me to be a confident speaker because I always think about things for a long time and use my notebook for ideas. I love to think about how to work for the rights of women and what kind of stories I want to write about.

I think that carrying a book, notebook and a pen can be beneficial for everyone. I have understood the benefits of carrying these things since third grade. I have understood many things more clearly, many questions have been answered and I have figured out many things just by using my own mind and I am very happy about that.

So carrying both physical and mental things are important. I guarantee that others too will benefit from carrying these things. One of the best points is that it ensures that you make very good use of your time!


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