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2 min readDec 16, 2018

A poem by Amir S.

You come to me at night
I come to you in the dark
We run from light
We drain each other

You escape I follow you
I escape you follow me
We smell each other from far away
If there is no way we make a way

You don’t bite my neck but kiss
So poisonous, addictive
I become vampire
Now your kiss is missed
I crave it
Not only your neck — others too

I cut my body and it heals
I hate you but I love you too
You’re eternal
Now I am endless
I might get tired of living
But I am cursed by your bite
by your very first kiss

Now I feel the human heart beating
I feel humans’ hard cheating
Humans are rude, cruel
They make hearts hurt
They make hearts break and stop
We vampires stop the pain

I hear better
I smell better
I taste better
I sense better
I feel better
Not actually
But better than a human

I thought it would be hard
to get used to this vampire life
that it would be hard to cut me with knife
But I stay days in the dark
I write
listen to music
So enjoyable this vampire life

We are fearless
We react seriously
Humans talk nonsense
We hear ’em less
Listen to ’em less

Humans say we don’t exist
We are in this world
There is no exit gate for us
We do exist
Harder in some way

We’re in the minority
We rock the day
We explore our love babe
No matter how far

We have feelings too
Ours are stronger
Humans should understand
us and our existence
We could teach them
about love
Real laugh
Real joy
Real existence

I am fearless
Wealth is worthless
I live life
I am in peace



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