Voting for Hope

Afghan Voices
1 min readOct 18, 2018

A poem by Amir S.

Once upon a time I checked all the boxes
I thought voting meant change
Believed things would get better

I participated in demonstrations
Paraded peacefully

Till the marches turned dangerous
And the government started shooting
Destroying my imagination

When I walk through the city
Politicians’ posters and mottos
Call me to vote

Photos of faces plastered on banners
Draped across trees, cars and Facebook

But there’s nothing about issues
Or the problems in our lives

Politics like a clock
Keeps tick-tocking

It’s only about power and money
They take risks with our lives
Knowing things will turn out bad

I don’t like politics much
They are gone like discarded tissue

Once I voted
Soon I noticed
How it’s all worthless

Our leaders are careless
They forget what they promised

Still we always forgive
We are so merciful

They promised us peace
My friend voted
May he rest in peace

I still vote
They still pledge
I still hope
We still…



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