We Voted to Win

Afghan Voices
2 min readOct 25, 2018

A poem by Gulchaman

We voted to win
though they killed
our innocent compatriots
We voted for hope
For a better future and government

We voted to win
The Taliban and all enemies
are against humanity

They don’t want us
to choose our parliament
but we voted
Millions of us voted
For peace to come from now
to the end of our lives

We Afghans showed our valor
Like long ago
when they cut off our fingers
Still we voted

Old and young
waited in lines
at the voting boxes
A beautiful sight!
Women and men
Even those
in wheelchairs
determined to vote

We voted to win
The millions
who came out
on election day

We voted for change
a new parliament
a new government

We voted to win
Despite long lines
difficulties with voting machines
death to neighbors and friends

Still, we said NO to terrorism
No to violence despite threats
We Afghans stayed strong
joining the national process

Because we vote to win
Because we are united
We are not Hazara, Tajik,
Uzbek or Pashtun

We are Afghans
Our humanity
shining forth
like the sun
on election day

In unity
we are powerful
Standing against
The causes of ruin
among nations
among Afghans
But we voted
We voted
We will vote to win



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