What I Miss

Afghan Voices
2 min readSep 10, 2021

by Mohammad Zaki Zaki

A bustling Kabul street in the past

My expectations
My visions
Meeting hilarious friends
Jokes and excitements
Cafes with lovely comrades
Visiting the park for pleasure
Walking around the house
Running freely with hope
Reading with focus
Joy and joyful folks
University, college, and school
The smiling faces of children
Kids with kites in the sky
The sound of music on the street
Reliable pupils
English classes
The change
Story telling for people
Declaiming poems and poetry
Civil movements

And more I miss
Freedom of speech
The music of bands with singers
The trial of reporters
Football, futsal and other sport
Adroit athletes
Walking nightly and daily
The intense competition
Universal World Cup
Visiting stunning monuments
Interacting with roommates, classmates, and teammates
The swimming pool
Traveling to Qargha lake and Paghman mountains without any restraint

All my old dreams before the collapse of our country
Open-minded women with eager faith
My country with thoughtful people
The city with vibrant folks
Crowds on the roads
My study room
Even I miss warm greetings
Sunny days without dust
The old alleys and avenues
My confident family
My gallant siblings
Talking about love
And love without anxiety
Working out at the gym
Weddings and other gatherings
Going to lovely parties
Feelings other than depression

I miss people from diverse nations and backgrounds
Or from various sects and races
I miss men and women
The meaning of love
The taste of love

I think of my friends right now
And I wonder where they are
What are they doing?
What is going on with them?
I miss them too

Nothing is predictable
Or guaranteed
Nothing is permanent
Or positive
Nothing is clearly planned
Or obviously hopeful
Nothing is going on well
Nothing is beautifully designed
Nothing is fearlessly awesome
I miss everything

My dreams are not limited
My life is not limited
My occupation is not limited
My goals and plans are not limited
My bravery is not limited
My aptitude is not limited

Please let me perform
Let me try harder
Let me ponder better
Let me breath quicker
Let me speak truth more gently
Let me hug everyone stronger
Let me sigh deeper
I wish one day my life will change
I miss everything

Let me follow my thoughts
Do not stop me now!
I miss everything



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