When Our Dreams Come True

Afghan Voices
2 min readApr 22, 2023


By Mohammad Zaki Zaki

Hazara school children taken a decade ago

The Hazara people, so often oppressed,
Our history and culture too often suppressed.
In Afghanistan, we face discrimination and hate,
Our lives in danger,
our future is an uncertain fate.

We are Hazaras
Our features and beliefs
make us targets of scorn
We are forced to live in fear,
from day until dawn.
We are denied education, employment,
and basic rights,
We struggle to survive,
through days and nights.
Nobody knows the taste of our lives

But despite the oppression,
we keep fighting
To stand up for justice,
for what is right.
Our resilience and strength,
an inspiration to all,
Our determination to succeed, never to fall.

I ask others to stand in solidarity
with the Hazara
To support our struggle,
to lift our voice higher.
To demand equality and
justice for all
So that no one is left behind, no one to fall.

I am a Hazara
I know what’s going on here
I know how we are depressed
I know how we are deprived
I know how we are insulted

I hope to end it soon
I wonder
We work hard
We fight for peace
We ignore the destruction
We study to be strong enough
We write to shape our lives
Why are we ignored?
Why are we removed?
Why are we underestimated?
I hope to see a great dove of peace in the sky of Afghanistan



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