Who Are the Taliban?

By Aysha B.

While the Taliban may appear human, they don’t know the word humanity. Do not be fooled by their looks. They wear white clothing to hide their sins and black to show they understand the dark side of life. But their favorite color is red. They want to see the color of blood everywhere.

With their red eyes, they look at people as victims, and don’t care about gender, age, or innocence. They only see the people they intend to kill, one by one. The Taliban sniff the blood of innocent mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, kids and more as they enjoy the smell of gunpowder and bomb smoke. With their mouth, they decree wrong doings in the name of Islam, then sentence people to death by stoning with executions done in public. They harm Afghans for no reason.

Their minds are filled with dangerous plans on how to destroy Afghans. Their hands are for guns to kill, to execute, to throw stones on people, to whip, to cut, all against Afghans. They rape girls, women, and even widows under name of forced Nekah (marriage). With their legs, they walk right into people’s property without permission and with improper reason. They kick people to humiliate them. They accelerate cars to run over people. Then they put them on Afghanistan’s beautiful flag.

They don’t understand the emotions of kindness and joy. They don’t know how to smile at people. What the Taliban love is instilling fear in people through threats and intimidation and death. When they are happy, they celebrate their happiness with fire. When angry, they gratify their anger with fire. Their intention is to murder all Afghans and get complete control over the land. Indeed, though they pretend to be human, the Taliban are truly evil.



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