You’ve Become a City of Pain and Smoke Kabul!

Afghan Voices
Nov 17, 2021

by Joya Noori
Translated by Asadullah Jafari “Pezhman”

Photo by Joya Noori, Kabul City

You’ve become a city of terror, a city of pain and smoke Kabul

You were destroyed in the wars, and collapsed Kabul

One was killed everywhere and one was injured in Kabul

In the hands of children, the pens were shot in Kabul

It seems a ditch of blood is hidden in you Kabul

It is only blood that has become very cheap Kabul

You are the place of death, suicide, and bloodshed Kabul

You are off the list of comfort and tranquility Kabul

The only hell is in Kabul

They are looking for paradise in Kabul

Why are you always oppressed in Kabul?

Why is Kabul sad every day?

Will you get rid of death and suicide Kabul?

Will you be free from the sound of ambulances Kabul?



Afghan Voices

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