By Mohammad Essa Anwari
Translation by Asadullah Jafari “Pezhman”

Both your spring & your autumn are pleasant

Your dignity is the center of Daykundians

In the April & May almond flower season

Your air heals a deep & infected wound

You are now a motherless chicken

You are a broken crown, your wings crippled

You fell into the hands of everyone & ignoble

You are without support & guidance

Where did all your assets & facilities go?

You are like a ring without a jewel

I share your pains & sorrows

You are instead a mother to me

If you believe my words a little & slightly

Your goodness will not return anymore

By Muzhgan Saghar
Translated by Asadullah Jafari “Pezhman”

I believe in the amazing desert, damn it

I was godly now I am an infidel, damn it

To you who made my life hell

The more you are, the less I am, damn it

How tired I am of your bitter…

by Joya Noori
Translated by Asadullah Jafari “Pezhman”

You’ve become a city of terror, a city of pain and smoke Kabul

You were destroyed in the wars, and collapsed Kabul

One was killed everywhere and one was injured in Kabul

In the hands of children, the pens were shot in Kabul

It seems a ditch of blood is hidden in you Kabul

It is only blood that has become very cheap Kabul

You are the place of death, suicide, and bloodshed Kabul

You are off the list of comfort and tranquility Kabul

The only hell is in Kabul

They are looking for paradise in Kabul

Why are you always oppressed in Kabul?

Why is Kabul sad every day?

Will you get rid of death and suicide Kabul?

Will you be free from the sound of ambulances Kabul?

By Ayesha B.

They look human
Their hearts are full of love
They have the smell of kindness
Their hands turn everything to gold
Their feet turn everywhere green
Their eyes show the true color of pain
Their lips are always smiling
Their nails are more beautiful than any polished nails
They are simply gorgeous
They are magic
And we call them women

by Ayesha B.

When she was born into this world, she cried
She learned the sour truth of life
At age 7, she cared for her small brother
Learning how to be a mother
As a teenager, she was forced to quit school
So her brother could complete his education
She learned to make sacrifices…

By Aysha B.

I felt like hell today, but I am Ok…
I felt empty, but I am Ok…
I cried the whole day, but I am Ok…
I broke inside, but I am Ok…
I begged for tranquility for just a moment, but I am Ok…
I was on my bed all day looking…

By Shugofeh Bakhtari
Translation by Asadullah Jafari “Pezhman”

My Kabul! I am far from your domain

I am in the grave in this far-off place

Without you, being without you every moment

It bites me like a wasp, Kabul

Your separation bothers me

I have to endure enough

I am far from co-culture and same-language

I always hate myself it made me

I have not done anything for you, Kabul

I apologize for disability, Kabul

My house is Kabul, my Kabul

I have to endure depression every moment

I owned my own house, Kabul

Now I am homeless because I am abandoned

Shine again here O sun

I am sunless with your darkness

Life sinks into disappointment

I am like a dead person in a grave

by Sharifa A.

It was Sunday 15th of August 2021 and I decided to not go to the office and instead go to the Central Bank for collecting some cash. Me and my husband left home around 6 o’clock and soon we reached the bank. There were many people waiting…

By Ayesha B.

Recently the world marked International Girls Day on October 11. On that day girls were supposedly celebrated, but by now most people have forgotten that millions of young girls continue to suffer in Afghanistan. They have no life, and no one celebrates them. They get no gifts…

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