A poem by Mohammad Zaki Zaki

When I walk around my city
there are beggars on the street
women asking for money
kids needing clothes
elders hungry for bread
young people wanting jobs
What awful days in Afghanistan

No reason to be optimistic
without work or food
No courage to stay stable

By Ashya B.

I promise you I will hold your hands again.
I promise you we will meet forever.
We will survive, no matter that the Taliban is here.

I promise you we will breathe the fresh air again.
We will walk along the beach with big smiles on our faces.

By Aysha B.

While the Taliban may appear human, they don’t know the word humanity. Do not be fooled by their looks. They wear white clothing to hide their sins and black to show they understand the dark side of life. But their favorite color is red. …

By Sharifa A.

Life is a race everywhere
If you don’t run
You will lose it forever

But we Afghans are not in a race
We are in an unknown battle
Battle of ignorance
Battle of playground for others

Our enemies and friends act kindly
We are confused
It’s hard to tell the difference

Some help us in front of the media
To show humanity still exists
To show their honor to us and the world
To show they care for innocent people

But in the background
They run the war
They are the opposition

Our people have lost consideration
Unsure of who is enemy or friend
We only seek peace
We are tired of war and fighting
Let the battle end

By Sahel Rezaei, Translated by Asadullah Jafari Pezhman

Silence has taken root in your body Kabul
No longer do you arise in your mornings
Your sky is covered with the bloody dawn of death
Your deserts are full of tearful images Kabul
I am every night and every day impatient for you
Oh! How can I come to see you Kabul?
You were bitterly handed over to the Taliban
Again, your fans are disappointed by you Kabul
The world decided your destiny
What happened to all your men and women Kabul?
Under your Chadri was hiding a mountain of pain
But your wail and groan had no effect Kabul
You did not bend after all to these sorrows
It’s impossible to ignore your praising Kabul

by Mohammad Zaki Zaki

A bustling Kabul street in the past

My expectations
My visions
Meeting hilarious friends
Jokes and excitements
Cafes with lovely comrades
Visiting the park for pleasure
Walking around the house
Running freely with hope
Reading with focus
Joy and joyful folks
University, college, and school
The smiling faces of children
Kids with kites in the sky
The sound of music on the street
Reliable pupils
English classes
The change

By Anonymous

A street in Kabul

I am living in of the cities of Afghanistan. A few months ago, I got married. My husband and I together built a house and bought new furniture’s for us to live happily.

We did not expect such a sudden change in Afghanistan. I and my husband escaped…

By Atefeh Jafari. Translated by Asadullah Jafari Pezhman

Photo by Mohammad Raja

Even a mountain of pain cannot match your sorrow
Yes, laugh, but your wounds will not heal

Complain of your bitter days, my homeland
Never be afraid, the heavens will not be deaf

History has reviewed your elegy again
There are no tears…

by Atefeh Jafari Translated by Asadullah Jafari Pezhman

Photo by Asadullah Jafari Pezhman

How can I wake up after your sun has set?
I must wear black clothes from now on
This time I will not fulfill my dreams, my destiny

No longer can I travel to your Herat
The girls in your house

By Shafiqa

I am a woman
Created with strengths
Love, mercy, patience, creativity
Abundance and many more.
I have deep feelings
Passion, desire, thrill
Grief and sadness.
I am not an object.
You cannot own me!

I am more fragile than a flower
Stronger than diamonds.
My heart is big.
There is room…

Afghan Voices

Writing by Afghan writers. Editor/Publisher: Nancy Antle; Editor: Pamela Hart

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